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Quantum Computing TheoryThe Herobrine ChallengeThe Source Code - Programming and Mathematics
File:256px-Bloch Sphere.pngFile:BB84 implementationFile:BB84circuit.png
File:Basic circuit tutorial - part 6 (Superpositions, the Hadamard gate)File:Basic circuit tutorial - part 7 (entangled states)File:Basic quantum computer mk 2 - done
File:Block A Tutorial 1 - A quantum NOT gateFile:Block A Tutorial 2 - Variable inputsFile:Block A Tutorial 3 (1 2) - Controlled gates
File:Block A Tutorial 3 (2 of 2) - Controlled gatesFile:Block A Tutorial 4 - Multiple controls (A quantum adder with carry)File:Block A Tutorial 5 - Synchronization and flow control
File:Block A Tutorial 6 - Advanced synchronization and flow controlFile:Block A Tutorial 7 - SuperpositionsFile:Block A Tutorial 8 - Entanglement
File:Bw.pngFile:Computer Hardware - Basic Memory CellFile:Computer Hardware - Funnel-and-split
File:Computer Hardware - Simple BufferFile:Course C - Tensor productsFile:Course C - Tensor products-0
File:Course C - Tensor products-1File:Encryption.pngFile:EncryptionQC.png
File:Example.jpgFile:Favicon.icoFile:Forum new.gif
File:Hadamard cheat.pngFile:Introduction to The Quantum Circuits ModFile:Introduction to the quantum computing mod
File:QTeleportation.pngFile:Quantum circuit tutorial - Part 1 (A quantum not gate)File:Quantum circuit tutorial - Part 1 (A quantum not gate)-0
File:Quantum circuit tutorial - Part 3 (Synchronization)File:Quantum circuit tutorial - part 2 (Controlled gates)File:Quantum circuit tutorial - part 2 (Controlled gates)-0
File:Quantum circuit tutorial - part 4 (1 bit adder with carry)File:Quantum circuit tutorial - part 5 (Switch, Trap and Sync blocks)File:Quantum circuits tutorial - Part 1 (Quantum teleportation)
File:Quantum computing mod stress testFile:Quantum computing mod stress test-0File:Quantum computing mod stress test-1
File:Quantum key distribution (BB84) implemented in the quantum computing modFile:Quantum teleportationFile:Schrödingers Pig
File:Superdense codingFile:Superdense coding-0File:Superposition.png
File:Telecirc.jpgFile:The Matrix AdventureFile:Wiki-background

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