Circuits and other HardwareEdit

In this section you will find descriptions of various circuits and quantum computing hardware that can be used to improve your own systems. There will be videos and images and text descriptions. This section is fairly new and still under construction.

Basic quantum computer mk 2 - done15:36

Basic quantum computer mk 2 - done

A quantum computer prototype.


This section contains descriptions of how to build some basic hardware, such as memory cells. There will be blueprints and better descriptions later when I've come up with a good format.

Basic memory cell

Shows how to design a simple memory cell.

Computer Hardware - Basic Memory Cell04:33

Computer Hardware - Basic Memory Cell

Funnel-and-split cable system

Shows how to funnel a number of particles from one cable each into one single cable, and how to split them up.

Computer Hardware - Funnel-and-split07:42

Computer Hardware - Funnel-and-split

Simple buffer

Shows how to build a simple buffer that can be used to queue up particles until processing is possible.

Computer Hardware - Simple Buffer08:32

Computer Hardware - Simple Buffer

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